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2 Icons Tour Launch

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What We Did

From the 9th of September to the 5th of November 2017 Jaguar and Landrover were on the Sandton City Rooftop with the Two Icons Tour. A total of 66 843 guests that experienced the event. Jaguar and Land Rover launched the initiative so that drivers can experience Jaguar’s Art of Performance and Land Rover’s Above and Beyond in one location. The car brands transformed Sandton City’s rooftop into a one-of-a-kind location for the event and with Dithakga Events / Playmakers, Basically Branding did all of the branding.

A section of the roof was transformed to simulate a real race track complete with ‘sidewalk cafes’, a green light at the start line, twists, turns, ‘Monaco tunnel’, inclines, declines and a finish line. Professional drivers took the public around the course at high speeds in three different cars.

Next on the Two Icons Tour was the 4×4 track or the Land Rover Garden Route. Almost 6 000 indigenous plants and the scenic branding transformed the area into a very realistic 4×4 track.

This project is a great example of how branding can completely transform a space. This project includes pvc, fabric frames, vinyl and vehicle branding and Basically Branding loved doing it.

Interesting Statistics Around This Project

  • PVC: 4,300 square meters, printed (includes extra panels)
  • Vinyl: 240 square meters, print and applied
  • Vinyl print and cut: over 80 running meters
  • Fabric Print: over 320 square meters
  • Eyelets: 3500
  • Cable ties: over 15,000 used on site
  • PVC Welding (hems, joins etc): over 2.5km
  • Wood: 2.5km of brandering
  • Brackets: 900
  • Spacer blocks: 4500 manufactured
  • Wood Glue: 12 litres
  • Screws: over 5000 used
  • Flooring: 525 sqm wood
  • Aluminium extrusion: 142 running meters
  • Man hours: 2756 recorded (includes behind the scenes)
  • iTrack logged trips: 4420 km
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2 Icons Tour

Putting it all together

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